Well, I screwed up. I was only able to solve only one rev chall, their warmup. I guess it’s normal for a n00b like me, though.

The Large Cherries

We’re given a file called Lao-Tzu.

ptrace reeee

There’s a ptrace at the very top, so if you bypass it, you will see that:

It asks for two kinds of inputs, and for the first time, it asks for 9 characters and 10 characters the second time.

The first input is sent to this function, called magic_word.


The function essentially makes sure that certain conditions are met for input[0] to input[7], even though the input asks for 9 characters. This is our key to solving this chall.

from z3 import Solver, Xor, BitVec

a = [BitVec('a%s' % i,64 ) for i in range(9)]

s = Solver()
s.add(a[3] + a[0] == 0xab)
s.add(a[3] == 0x37)
s.add(a[2] ^ a[1] == 0x5d)
s.add(a[4] - a[2] == 5)
s.add(a[6] + a[4] == 0xa2)
s.add(a[5] == a[6])
s.add(a[6] == 0x30)
s.add(a[7] == 0x7a)
m = s.model()
b= []
for i in range(8):
c = ''.join(b)

Now, this piece of code gives out t0m7r00z, which is only 8 characters. This will be important later.

The second piece of input is a 10 character input, that checks if all of the characters add up to 0x294, i.e. 660. That happens to be the sum of digital sum of t0m7r00z.

Therefore, we need to add something extra to the mix. This character can be quite literally anything, and I just typed t0m7r00za as both inputs.

Flag: Poseidon{Its_L3_t3Mp5_DeS_C3r1s35}

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