INCTFi 2020 Writeup


Challenge : Buggy


The challenge is about bypassing 403 error along with file upload vulneribility and LFI.
When we entered the website there’s a login form and a link to register. After clicking on register we see a 403 Forbidden error.


Looking at this, thought we can bypass it which is smuggling the request to get registered. After some googling i found a way to bypass it


Intercepting the request with burp and forwarding it, our registration is successful.


Logging in, we find a file uploader which accepts any file extension. Uploading the file, it removes the uploaded file extension and convert the file name to a hash. I thought of getting a PHP Shell and uploaded a php file.
After uploading the php, there’s an option to include the file. We get a page with following details

The file has been uploaded to: /var/www/uploads/df0f1a1ac715de9266c8d8391769156a
To include the file, use ?include=

Here we get LFI at


This include option allows only the content of http (or) https.
The final payload for LFI will be


After getting the shell, cat the files in directory.
The flag is in config.php.

Flag: inctf{REQU357_5MUGG71NG_4ND_1NCLUD3_F0R_TH3_W1N}

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